Note d'Emanuele Rossini

Pestilli refers to a letter wrote by Shaftesbury - from Napoli - and addressed to a friend of his, John Cropley, who was in England at that time. Shaftesbury describes a picture he bought in Italy, painted by Claude Lorrain. Following Shaftesbury's description, Pestilli argues that this picture is very similar to two wellknown pictures by Lorrain: a "Paesaggio con ninfa e satiro danzanti" now at Toledo Museum of Art, and a "Paesaggio con satiri e ninfe danzanti" now at National Museum of Western Art of Tokio. The problem is that none of these two pictures perfectly corresponds to the features of the picture described by Shaftesbury, and that none of the wellknown Lorrain's pictures does it. That's why Pestilli wonders if the picture is "scomparso" (lost).


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